Student Evaluations

“I absolutely loved Mrs. Zuk's teaching methods. I found her way of lecturing very helpful. Although she lectured with Power Points, she made sure to show many examples using different films to keep us motivated and attentive during her class. She talked in such a way that also helped us stay attentive. Her voice is clear, loud, and very casual which makes it easy to pay attention and understand the concepts. Her confidence and how comfortable she seemed to be in front of the class while teaching also made the class lectures easier to understand and helped me personally grasp all of the concepts that we learned. Overall, I think she is a great professor.”“Professor Zuk is extremely helpful and did a great job relating the material covered in class to modern film. Class discussions were both fun as well as informative.”“The activities were pretty interesting and helped me to grasp the concepts in lecture.” “The professor was very good and had a clear plan and structure for the course. Amazing teacher, she made a slightly boring subject interesting. She could engage the entire lecture hall.”“This class was a pleasure to take. Professor Zuk related to my love for film on a personal level which made the class very enjoyable.”“I liked how Tanya engaged the students and made sure everybody’s questions were answered.”“Really enjoyed this class and found it completely interesting in the way it was presented by Prof. Zuk. She has much enthusiasm and passion for the subject matter.”“I loved having her as a professor so much! She’s a breath of fresh air and an amazing person, as well as very educated in her field! ”“I felt comfortable asking questions and voicing my opinion. Lots of good discussion.”Professor Zuk is one of my favorites so far in time at Georgia State. She motivated us to work hard and clearly knew what she was teaching. Her class was a very laid-back environment, but everyone was respectful. Although my grade reflects lower than I wish, I learned so much in this course.

Professor Zuk did everything in her power to help us understand the industry and everything behind it. She related to us well and encouraged discussions during class and was always available to answer any questions we had. She was extremely helpful, and it was a fun class.

Her lectures were very interesting, and her reading assignments were well selected. She motivated me to learn and helped me to understand the material. She was always available outside of class… she was a wonderful professor and I'd absolutely take her class again if given the opportunity.

This was a very interactive course, which I enjoyed. Professor Zuk was an excellent teacher, very funny, and was very accommodating when it came to things like office hours.